Accounting Services Designed to Help You Save

If you were to calculate the amount of time you spend on bill payment, financial reporting, rent invoicing, collections, real estate bookkeeping, and all of the additional routine tasks associated with the accounting end of your property management responsibilities, how much would that add up to in dollars every week, or every month?

When you work with Real Estate Accounting, you can save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, and gain countless hours of time to focus on your primary responsibilities.

  • We charge a flat monthly fee starting as low as $349 / month
  • Postage, envelopes, checkstock, software and labor are included
  • Additional postage and copies, delinquency handling, and eviction & foreclosure assistance incur nominal additional charges

Set up charge: 1 month’s accounting fee. Pricing is based on the type of property and the number of renters/ units.

Working with Real Estate Accounting, property managers and corporate real estate departments will save 20% guaranteed – generally tens of thousands of dollars each year!

Contact us today to find out how much time and money you can save when you work with Real Estate Accounting.